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After a week or two on this last Southern tour, I was dropped off at the Greyhound station in Erie, Pennsylvania and said goodbye to everyone in The Beagle Club and Higher Fives. On the same day, Dan also met up with us to steal Matt away for their New England tour. Give them a visit if you're around.

After three shows and an 18 hour drive through the night, I'm now sitting in a hotel room in Kenora, Ontario overlooking The Lake of the Woods. I'll be on tour with Rob Szabo for the next month taking pictures from the East to West coast of Canada. Together, we'll be keeping a tour blog (also includes a list of tour dates) that you can view here.

I've also finished two new releases in time for the trip to Canada:

Western Exposure [MIF122] is an 11"x13" hardcover book with a dust jacket and 22 full color images. The bulk of the material was shot on Route 1 on the Pacific coast during a spring trip to California.

New York State [MIF123] is a selection of images shot during a visit to the Pax Cecilia house in the fall of 2008. The manila envelope contains 10 5"x7", full color postcards.

These and any of my older publications can be purchased through My Idea of Fun, which also has plenty of new audio releases that you probably haven't heard yet but should.

Woah yeah, that feels like a lot. Drop me an email if you feel like it. My phone plan limits me to only a few minutes each day, but I'd still love to talk if you're down. Stay safe and be good...

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